Azure Cloud Service Configuration

This is a bit of a surprise, when you run a web role using “Use IIS Webserver” from VS 2013 it does not run under cloud service context hence you will need to migrate the settings from .cscfg to web.config appsettings. You will be however able to use CloudConfigurationManager.GetSetting method to get the settings from appsettings as well. Now, if you run the same web role using “Use IIS Express” setting your service gets run under a cloud service context hence it reads the config data from .cscfg file even though both settings will run services under the compute emulator.

Parallels 10 with Retina Display

I was setting up my new macbook pro for development, essentially installing windows 8.1. Installing parallels 10 was easy and it was even more rewarding as the price dropped to 26.99 £ at PC World recently which made me take the plunge (previously I had Windows installed on macbook as a separate OS using bootcamp).

Only tricky issue I came across was the blurry fonts/graphics and which didn’t go away by scaling the resolution (leave the resolution to retina). Eventually, I realised this can be fixed by changing the “Change the size of all items” settings to Extra Large as depicted in the screenshot below and that’s it really.