Azure Data Factory Table Storage Partition Key

To use the source column as a partition key for the destination table storage table (a sink type) you will have to use the property called azureTablePartitionKeyName in the pipeline definition as below-

"sink": {
 "type": "AzureTableSink",
 "azureTablePartitionKeyName": "PostcodeFull",
 "writeBatchSize": 100,
 "writeBatchTimeout": "01:00:00"

Simple, right? well it is but you do have to remember that if you don’t map the column (assuming you are mapping specific columns to the destination table) which you want to use for partition key in the translator section as below you wouldn’t get the output you want.

"translator": {
 "type": "TabularTranslator",
 "columnMappings": "PostTown: PostTown, PostcodeFull: PostcodeFull"

Good thing is that this additional mapping would not create the column in the destination table.

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