Migrate from AWS RDS/SQL using ADF

http://teentube.cz/?ertye=un-hombre-solo-no-puede-vivir&20d=8b Recently, I came across a requirement from my customer to migrate the data from AWS RDS/SQL service to Azure for some Big Data Analysis. Obvious choice for this sort of activity in Azure is to use  follow url Azure Data Factory (ADF) feature. Now there are many examples of ADF on MSDN with various different data sources and destinations except for some and one of which is AWS RDS.


http://bnheavenranch.com/miwyra/1551 So how do you achieve it? Simple, treat AWS RDS/SQL as an on-prem SQL Server and follow the http://serezin-du-rhone.fr/pifpaxys/614 guidance for this specific scenario using Data Management Gateway.

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Essentially you need to do the following from a very high level perspective-

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  1. Create an instance on EC2 in AWS and configure relevant firewall rules (as specified in guidance)
  2. Deploy Data Management Gateway on the above instance.
  3. Test the RDS/SQL access via Data Management Gateway tool from the above instance.
  4. Create ADF factory to read from SQL Server linked service via Gateway.
  5. Do the mapping of data.
  6. Store it in the destination of your choice (e.g. Blob storage)